Our best selling family-grower Champagnes, Cuvée d’Argent, Domi Rosé and Blanc de Blancs come from the family of Domi-Moreau in Mancy, a typical Champennois village just south of Épernay. 
Domi-Moreau are one of a small number of “grower producers”— that is they make their champagne only with grapes from their own vines.  Many larger producers and “Grand Marques” buy in a large part of their grape requirements, from the hundreds of small growers in the designated Champagne appellation.
At Domi-Moreau only 36,000 bottles of hand-produced Champagne a year are made, compared to the millions of bottles produced by each of the large conglomerates. It is the only Champagne that we have sold since we began in 2007 and we believe that there is nothing better under £40 per bottle. Also note that the price of all three types of Champagne is the same – for example everyone else charges more for Rosé Champagne just because they can but we don’t!


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