Champagne Domi-Moreau Cuvée d’Argent Brut NV(6b case)


Champagne Domi-Moreau Cuvée d'Argent Brut NV(6b case)


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

Fresh, crisp and mellow; long lasting effervescence; clean, pure and very well defined on the palate with citrus, warm breakfast rolls, honeycomb and a pervasive mousse (fizz). Vibrant and so thirst quenching, this is a “grower” champagne of real quality!
To paraphrase the famous Mme Clicquot “drink it when you are happy and when you’re sad, drink in good health and in bad, drink it on it’s own or with food, drink with company or alone”.
Or in other words just drink everyday like Sir Winston Churchill!


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