Fine French Wine from Independent Vineyards & Artisan Winemakers


We only sell wines from France. The focus is on Bordeaux and the Loire with small selections from other regions.

We feature only wines that we feel are distinctive and that we are happy to buy and drink ourselves. Not for us wines bought by anonymous buyers or on the wine list just because the margins are good

All of our wines are special to us, great value and come mostly from smaller Independent Vignerons that we know well and who have passionately cared for their terroir and vines for many generations

We operate on below industry margins by importing the wines ourselves directly into a UK bonded warehouse and by running on minimal overheads. This means that our customers get maximum wine quality from each £ that they spend rather than pay for all the other additional costs that other wine companies have to load into the selling price.

In a world full of choice, Bordeaux and Beyond is dedicated to being special and personal to you. Click on our Summary Wine List on the left to discover a different world of wine.

We welcome personal contact so please call or e-mail any one of us now