Saumur Champigny, Domaine La Seigneurie, Senonian 2021 (6bcase)


Saumur Champigny, Domaine La Seigneurie, Senonian 2021 (6bcase)


Cabernet Franc

The centre of excellence and spiritual home of Cabernet Franc (a grape you will hear a lot more about over the coming years) is the Loire Valley and particularly around the Medieval towns of Saumur and Chinon. The French have known this for many years and consequently most of these red wines are drunk inside France – it is very unlikely that you will find a Bistro in Paris that does not have a Saumur Champigny on their wine list!
Our Saumur Champigny comes from Alban Foucher who has recently been crowned as “2023 Winemaker of the Year for the Loire Valley” – he only had to beat around 3,000 fellow winemakers to take the title. Delicious young, this is an elegant wine with soft, supple tannins that will age gracefully over 5 years or so. A brilliant ruby on the eye, with the classic Cabernet Franc (or Breton as it’s called in the Loire) nose of intense raspberry and redcurrant. Medium bodied and silky with complex notes of undergrowth and spice. Crisp lively acidity, nicely balanced with a rich red fruit laden finish.
A very versatile wine for food – everything from pasta bakes, seared tuna to lamb chops. Try drinking it slightly chilled as per the bistros of Paris when the weather is warm or when a lighter red wine is called for during lunchtimes.
A real Jack of all Trades wine!
Drink now – 2026

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