New stocks of Grower Champagne from Domi Moreau arrive for Easter!


Happy Easter everyone!!  We had run out of  Champagne by March so things were getting serious!  Happily our first shipment from France after Brexit is due into our Bond warehouse later this week and it is all Champagne!  So the ever popular Domi Moreau Cuvée d’Argent brut is back in stock just in time for those long awaited al fresco picnics under the “rule of 6”. 

We also have more of the Domi Moreau Rosé Champagne, which always goes well in summer, and for those who prefer pure Chardonnay there is the Domi Moreau Blanc de Blancs from the plots of premier cru Chardonnay vines that Max and Nathalie Domi grow on the Cotes des Blancs south of Epernay.