Who would be a wine-maker – plus new arrivals from Bordeaux


The British love to complain about the weather but it doesn`t tend to have a major effect on our livelihood unlike some of our winemaker friends in France. Last week in Bordeaux for example, a 10 minute hailstorm travelling through parts of the Entre-Deux-Mers region literally wiped out many vineyards. The hail destroyed all the grapes and vegetation and left bare wood resulting in a whole years worth of work wasted and zero income for the Vignernon. Most small winemakers cannot afford the hail insurance premiums so just have to accept nature’s way and hope for better days in the future.
It certainly makes you think when you pull the cork from a bottle of wine made by a person rather than a factory!

On a happier note then we are pleased to say that stocks of the latest vintage of Ch. de Fontenille Bordeaux Clairet 2012 are now safely in our warehouse. So many of you love this rather special wine and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival particularly as we sold out the 2011 vintage many months ago.
Also we have two completely new arrivals from Bordeaux:

  • Ch. Lamartine, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux, 2010  — a particularly fruity Merlot from a great vintage
  • Ch. de Lauga, Haut Médoc , 2009 – classic left bank Cabernet Sauvignon from the St. Julien border

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