Bordeaux and VinExpo Trip June 2011


winesHaving just returned from 2 weeks in Bordeaux including attendance at the Vinexpo, the biggest wine fair in the world, it is fair to say that we are pretty well “tasted out”. It is certainly a good job that we love what we do and here are a few reflections from the trip :-

  • The quality of the 2010 Bordeaux vintage is certainly not all hype and all winemakers regard 2010 as some of the best wine that they have ever made
  •  2011 is still in “the lap of the Gods” as it could go either way. The unusually hot / dry Spring has brought the grapes on early but rain is needed during the summer followed by a dry, sunny September.
  •  Bordeaux and Beyond seek wines of difference and quality from independent family vingnerons in France. It is not surprising therefore that when you make say 10,000 bottles of a wine compared to factories turning out millions then  stocks are limited and vintages quickly sell-out . Hence  “when it`s gone it`s gone” and tasting each new vintage is crucial for us