Vin Mousseux, Effervescence Brut Nature, Domaine Vintur

November 16, 2018

Bouboulenc, Roussanne
Well this is certainly a new one for us but also very exciting. For the first time in over 10 years Bordeaux and Beyond is offering a sparkling wine that is not from Champagne! Limited production of under 5000 bottles and made by Domaine Vintur in the Rhone Valley (producers of our best selling Le Gentleman Ventoux reds ), this style of sparkling wine in France is known as Vin Mousseux and Effervescence has real class as it is made by the same method as upmarket Prosecco.
Basically the cheaper supermarket Prosecco is made by adding sugar to low quality white wine and then bubbling carbon dioxide through –  rather like making soda water and what the French jokingly call pompe bicyclette. Effervescence is made by the more expensive Charmat method where the secondary fermentation occurs naturally in sealed, pressurised stainless steel tanks.
Furthermore, only organic grapes and natural yeasts are used and no added sugar. In addition 85% of the blend is the local grape Bouboulenc which has the great attribute of producing fruity, low acidity wines with low alcohol.
So in summary, Effervescence Brut Nature is a fruity organic sparkling white wine with no added sugar, low acidity and only 11% alcohol and is produced by an artisan winemaker rather than a factory!
An refreshing wine with aromas of white flowers and citrus and then tiny bubbles exploding with crisp dry and mineral flavours of blossoming fruit.  A wine for Champagne drinkers (like us) and non – Champagne drinkers (like our wives)!
A perfect aperitif!
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