Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, Maestria 2015 Plaimont Producteurs (50cl)


Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, Maestria 2015 Plaimont Producteurs (50cl)


Gros Menseng, Petit Menseng, Petit Courbu, Arrufiac  

This wine is a wine that we all should try — it can be appreciated by those who like sweeter wines but also by those (like ourselves) that would not normally enjoy “the stickies”.
From the Madiran region of South-West France this cepage of fresh and fruity grapes is harvested late into October. They are then harvested by hand and starting to “raisin” but are crucially not affected by “noble rot” as per wines like Sauternes. This results in the retention of more acidity providing  a balance to the sweetness and makes it a most interesting and versatile wine.
A shimmering gold colour with a nose bursting with citrus and tropical fruits the wine is both fresh and unctuous. Pineapple sweetness balanced with zingy lemon and a long finish that leaves the mouth clean and not sticky.
Drink well chilled on its own, as an aperitif (as per the French) or with dessert (as per the Brits) or like us with blue cheese.
The only sweet wine that all of us can enjoy!
Drink now —2025

Bottles per case:
6 (50cl)
Price per bottle: