IGP Val de Loire, Domaine de l’Epinay Sauvignon Gris 2021 (6b case)


IGP Val de Loire, Domaine de l'Epinay Sauvignon Gris 2021 (6b case)


Sauvignon Gris
Sauvignon Gris (or locally Fié Gris) is a pink berried mutation of Sauvignon Blanc that was almost extinct 20 years or so ago, but now plantings are on the increase across the world.  Winemakers now recognise that this early ripening grape really is something different and deserves to be offered as a single varietal, rather than just for blending (note French AOC laws however dictate that it cannot be offered as an AOC single varietal so it is an IGP Val de Loire).
This wine is made by two brothers, Cyrille & Sylvain Paquereau (who make our Cru Clisson Muscadet wine) and are also happily known locally as “The Bandit Brothers”. This is due to their enthusiasm for growing grapes that are not officially allowed in the appellation  – grapes such as Sauvignon Gris! Have a giggle at the label design and enjoy their story.
Sauvignon Gris grapes are naturally high in both sugar and acidity, which combined with low yields delivers a real concentrated flavour hit of citrus, mango, grapefruit and melon. Crunchy freshness combining with that classic zing of its close brother Sauvignon Blanc. Serve well chilled as a lovely expressive aperitif of difference.  It is also a very versatile food wine pairing wonderfully with big flavour/spicy foods like garlic prawns, goats’ cheese and caramelised onions, pasta bakes etc. This organic wine comes in at 12.5% alcohol and sings of summer sunshine, fun and games!
Be one of the first to appreciate Sauvignon Gris – it will be a very big deal in 10 years time!
Drink now — 2025

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