Bordeaux Supèrieur, De Mour Larigaudière 2014 “Your Blends” 6b case


Bordeaux Supèrieur, De Mour Larigaudière 2014 "Your Blends" 6b case


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot as single varietals plus a wine-makers blend
We don’t really know where to start in describing this wine or rather these wines. In essence it is a unique 6b case of 2 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, 2 Merlot and 1 of Petit Verdot plus the wine-makers final blend.  All of the wines are high quality AOC Bordeaux Superieur, vintage 2014 from old vines. Aged in new oakbarrels and made by the Ch. Larigaudiere winemaker Jean-Michel Garcion in Margaux.
The objective of the Your Blends case is firstly to enjoy the wines as they are but also to appreciate and identify the 3 blending grapes of the Medoc.  Also to appreciate and identify the varied influences of different types of oak barrels and finally to experiment and make your own personal blend – “Your Blend”to compare with that made by the winemaker.
In other words to learn, enjoy and have a lot of fun on your own or with friends — it is certainly one of those dinner party games that everyone remembers!
A great concept from a top winemaker and we are really excited about now being able to offer such an experience to everyone, not just the those in the wine trade!
For just lovers of wine and also prospective “geeks” , this is the present for you!
Drink and blend now to 2020.

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